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Complete Set of AAC Machine
Concrete Spun Pile Equipment
  PLC Control System
  Pile Mould
  Pile Spinning Machine
  Tension Parts (5 pcs per Set)
Set of Concrete Spun Pole Equipment
  Pole Mould
  Pole Spinning Machine
  Tension Parts
  Other Pole Equipment
Video for AAC Production Line
Video for Concrete Spun Pole Production Line
Changzhou Success Building Material Machinery Co., Ltd.
Address: No. 170 West Hanjiang Road, Xinbei District, Changzhou, Jiangsu 213032, China
Tel: (86) 189 611 87950
E-mail: yxd6616@163.com
Changzhou Success Building Material Machinery Co., Ltd., hereinaftercalled “Success”, is the professional enterprise for fabrication of new style building material machinery and equipment. With the total investment of more than 20 million yuan and in the area of 30,000 suqre meter being occupied, there are various kinds of medium-scale and large-scale fabrication facilities in Success. There are three strong teams in Success, namely, the skilled worker team in rich experience of more than 30 years...          『Details
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